Stealth F117-B ( 2 rackets ) & Stealth badminton bag

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Specification: Stealth 117-B

  • Material: JP T30 Torayca+ T700s Carbon+ Woven .
  • Weight: 83-86g
  • String Tension: 26-30lbs
  • Shaft stiffness: 8.5-9.00
  • Balance point: 290mm


Stealth F117-B

Stealth rackets possess the ultimate balance between power, stability, manoeuvrability and control.

Stealth rackets are made with the most advanced carbon fibres from the famous Torayca of Japan.

The quality of the carbon fibre and the excellent workmanship has made Stealth rackets the most advanced rackets on the market.

Stealth F117-B is strung with Stealth String at 20lbs but the players should restring the racket to suit their ability.

An extra Stealth string has been provided to restring your racket.


Specification: Multi-purpose bag

  • Material: D840 Polyester
  • Size: 74 X 21 X 30cm
  • Compartment: 2 compartments for 6-9 rackets
  • Separate shoe compartment at the front

The bags have padded double shoulder straps, 2 extra side compartment and a separate shoe compartment at the front.
Colour: red background